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Student's Testimonials
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LalitaCooking Testimonials

I was a marathi student and wanted to learn cooking and baking and Lalita madam put in a lot of effort to teach me. These courses helped to groom myself better and i was very confident in taking orders, this experience now has taken me a step further and i also work on the cruise. I thank lalita mam from the bottom of my heart.
- Mr.Branjoy Johnson Lopes (Vasai W)
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I like cooking and i am very interested to learn new dishes for my family and guest and i joined Lalita's cooking and baking classes’ found the classes very easy and tasty.
- Ms.Yasmin Bhagwani (Mumbai, Andheri w)
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I joined lalita's cooking and baking classes as i have opened up my own beach resort, during my classes Lalita Mam explanation and dedication was 100% and made it simple for me to follow. Thank you.
- Mr.Denis Miranda Don taloa Virar
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I was very interested in cooking and baking and these classes taught me easy and how to cook systematically.
- Ms .Sharika Nallasopra west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

These classes have benefited me a lot, during the course my relatives had visited my place and I cooked for them variety dishes for which they appreciated me and even took home the balance food. i appreciate Mam for teaching me so nicely
- Ms.Prachi Worlikar OmNagar Vasai west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

Your cooking classes are very good and i like your simple teaching style.
- Ms.Premika Gunalkar Renuka nagar, Nirmal
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I joined Lalita's cooking and baking delights and found the classes quite helpful and easy to follow. I recommend anybody who wishes to join.
- Ms. Avril Pereira Vasai west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I joined Lalita's cooking classes because it has and will become very useful for me in the future .I recommend and give thumbs up.
- Ms.Rachna Dsouza Vasai west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

As i like to eat a variety of dishes, I wish to learn to learning cooking and found these classes very helpful and quick.
- Ms.Vallena Pereira saloli GunNaka Vasai
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I am very interested in cooking and baking and i joined Lalitas' Cooking & Baking classes which is helping me to cook and serve my family in a better way.
- Ms.Jasmine koshy Stella Vasai west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

Cooking and baking always interested me and when I joined lalitas cooking and baking classes, I knew i had come t0 the right place. Her teaching is so simple and always with a smile.
- Ms.Kausher Khan Vartik Wada Vasai west
LalitaCooking Testimonials

I love cooking, these classes help me gain more knowledge and found the procedures very simple.
- Ms.Riya Britto Pretam house Akton vasai west
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